needing to move forward

Mr FD and I are slowly coming around to the idea of downsizing our home. We currently have a very large 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom two storey home, and now that the children are grown and independent there is much that is surplus to our needs.

We built the house in 2002 and so have spent the last 10 years here. We have a lovely garden, and a beautiful aspect adjoining bushland. I wake to the sound of flocks of birds everyday, even though we live in a city.

It has been a slow and difficult process for me to arrive at the point of disengaging with this home enough to even envision living somewhere else. However, I think the fact that I have embraced a more minimalist lifestyle over the past two or three years has made this progression more comfortable. I am far more into needs than wants than I have ever been at any time in my life.

Additionally, Mr FD has a burning desire to build an eco-friendly home that leaves a small footprint on this earth. I agree, but I am mindful that we will grow old in this next house and so it has to be able to be maintained by an aged person, and as life has reminded me all too cruelly this week, it may just be a solo aged person. The systems have to be low maintenance. Our days of climbing onto a roof (as if I ever did!) are numbered after all.

It will be some months before major decisions have to be made; we need to sort and prepare this house for sale first, then decide on an area where we would like to live (not too far away)

We have lived in 5 different houses during our marriage, and in the early years I was always eager to move on. The view was aspirational; bigger, better. Then it was almost as though I hit a plateau and I clung to my house. I resisted the move from one city to another with all my might; despite building a new home to move into I protested every brick. That is the house we are now about to leave. It has become not only my home, but my sanctuary.

It has taken time for me to realise that too much time and effort is required to maintain areas of house that no one uses for months on ends. It is a lovely family home and it is time for a new family to enjoy it; and for us to live a new kind of life as well.  I need to live a different life now.

9 thoughts on “needing to move forward

  1. We have been having much the same kind of conversation. In our case, our house is where our income is located, although in reality this is a semi-retirement income despite our best efforts to make it otherwise. Our move then will occur when when we don’t need the income – which will sometime post-age pension. We hope to fit in some travelling as grey nomads, health and wealth permitting. I too, like my space and wildlife in my backyard, but change will one day be inevitable. Ratty.


  2. I think it’s great that you have such a clear perspective.
    But letting go of somewhere you’ve built and lived in for a decade will be hard.
    Good luck for the future.
    ‘Grey nomads’ – love it


    • We have legions of grey nomads – all boomers cashed up on their retirement funds, hitting the road in their luxury caravans and spending the kids inheritance! I could never do that with Mr FD as I would take the carving knife to him within a week.


  3. This is really, really smart.
    Not that that is unexpected.
    It will also be a good time to pass along such family things as you want your kids to have.
    Or send stuff off into the Great World to find new owners, if no one else wants it.
    I’m thinking we will be doing something similar in the next few years.
    Or at least I hope to.


  4. I admire your acceptance of the need to move on….having lived here for 30 years and built everything ourselves I realise the time will come soon when we cannot maintain everything, but I still think I’ll be dragged kicking and screaming to a place with more services.

    On the other hand if the rain continues for much longer I might just pack up and move next week.


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