Monday night I was awoken by an intense stabbing pain in my head, well more through my left temple and through my left eye. It was quite intense but I refrained telling Mr FD for awhile because Mr FD’s usual response to any medical emergency that I suffer is to start mentally refiguring the family budget minus my income. I have never ascertained if he then adds in the insurance money, but in evey marriage there must be a little mystery.

So, starting from the point of physically having one eye, naturally I was a wee bit concerned. So off to the doctor who was very kind and gave me the exact response I required – immediate concern and action.

The pain has decreased but I am having issues focusing, and I am light sensitive. I expected to get a headache but nothing developed.  We have a variety of options to choose from now!

So far I have been to the physiotherapist as the simple solution is that it is from neck muscles. My regular physio has left and so I was introduced to a new physio – He is tall dark and rather handsome. I may need intense therapy for some time… Second option is some arterial problem that “old people, much older than you” often develop. I said let’s start with the exception to the rule, so I had the blood test to rule out that enzyme issue.  After that there will be scans or MRIs or pick a box for the next idea.

Today when I was at the phsyiotherapist, the waiting room was filled with women aged 60 year and over all having therapy and massages. I drove to the lab to have the blood test and the gym next door was filled with 20 something Mums working out at the gym. On the route home the tennis courts at the local tennis center were filled with 40 something women playing tennis. So that is how the other half life…

I arrived home and told Mr FD that I wanted their lives and strangely enough he didn’t start working out the family budget minus my income. I think in fact he pretended he didn’t even hear me.

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  1. I’ll bet they want to rule out temporal arteritis. (sp?)
    I’m glad they thought of that. It’s easily cured with corticosteroids and can do severe damage to your sight if it’s not caught. My friend’s mom went blind because no one even thought to test for it. And it’s such an easy test. And you are right, usually that’s found in people in their 70s and up.

    I hope you feel better really soon, FD!


  2. Absolutely imperative that you continue with the physio for a prolonged period – better to be safe than sorry.
    “I think in fact he pretended he didn’t even hear me.”
    Time to make an appointment with the audiometrist for Mr FD…you will, no doubt, have a substantial wait for the appointment so ensure you arm yourself with a calculator and notebook so as to reassure him that, whatever the case, you will be able to handle the budgeting.


    • Oh you did make me laugh especially the calculator and notebook comment as for the first 20 years of our marriage I handled all of the budget and paid all accounts etc then we computerised everything and now Mr FD has elaborate rituals for bill paying and now was are often late paying, or forget to pay and other such little surprises. He needs more than MYOB, or perhaps less than that! LOL!


    • I had another physio visit today. This time I had to remove my shirt and down to my black bra – sadly it was only for the massage which was given by a young woman! Just as well as I am sure he would not have been able to control himself and all his ethics would have gone out of the cubicle!


  3. Oh! I hope it’s nothing serious! Its amazing how you added so much humor to it. You were still able to drive with one eye and a headache? :S Wow, you’re super woman!


  4. Hope all this turns out well for you FD and that you get the best doctor and physio available…..can’t mess around when it comes to eyesight……I went into panic mode (maybe unnecessarily so) when I was diagnosed with macular degeneration and vitreous detachment a couple of years ago.


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