adding to the flock

Niece gave birth to a son yesterday. His name is Charlie and he has a big head of black hair. My brother’s first grandchild! Both my siblings are grandparents now – oldies!

Baby Charlie has to earn his wings yet...

8 thoughts on “adding to the flock

  1. Charlie? What a precious name. I love it. I know you are excited. When do you get to see him? They are so cute when born with hair. Mind usually lost the dark hair and it grew in lighter.



    • My brother has 4 daughters so a grandson is very exciting for them. All his daughters were born with very long, curly black hair that they kept. It made them look like china dolls. I will wait a week or two for her to get home and all the nearest and dearest on both sides have gone through. They live about an hour away so it is not just 5 minute pop in. I love the name Charlie too – and he was born on the birthday of his great great grandfather (my Mum’s father born in 1899!)

      I have seen baby photos already – he is adorable. A handsome littleman!


    • Isn’t it exciting! My Mum now has 4 great grandchildren! There is another due early in the new year. It is moments like these when we all miss our Dad so much as he got such joy from all the little people.


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