If there were only two kinds of cereal left in the world, what would you choose?

porridge 1

As a child, it would have been rice bubbles, for sure. Probably, corn flakes would have followed. Both served with warm milk and extra sugar.

Today, being all grown up, considerations of health have taken over pure desire. Number one, would be rolled oats, especially as they can be used in so many recipes. It is also claimed they are a help with lowering cholesterol.

The second choice would be corn flakes. My doctor always tell me to eat something highly refined like corn flakes when I am suffering with diverticulitis, so there is always a packet in the pantry. Indeed, they are a comfort food for me, now.

I need to eat both with warm milk, and sadly with sugar. In the past, I have joked about having porridge with my sugar, each morning. To compensate, I now use dextrose instead of refined sugar, and try, I really do try, to cut back on even the dextrose. That might be why I have vegemite toast most day. White bread – we won’t go there.


Tupperware cereal bowls

As a child, we ate porridge rarely. When we did, it seemed a special occasion. My mother always served the porridge in those coloured, plastic, Tupperware, bowls. The fact that the porridge was not in our usual, china, everyday, bowls made it ever more of an occasion. I mean, Tupperware was, well, special. It was the sixties, and plastic was the way to go. Modern, man.

off the wagon

I feel off the wagon, last night. I know, it is shameful. I am weak. weak, weak.

I ate ice-cream. Vanilla. Three scoops.

Sugar, Sugar, SUGAR! Tormentor thy name is Sugar!

I can just see where this will lead me. Flamingo Tubby Tummy Waddler, homeless, sniffing through garbage bins to lick empty sugar sachets, screaming “my kingdom for a cup of sugar!” into the cold dark night. Woe is me.

It was very nice, though…well worthy of the guilt and self loathing. I hid the rest of the  ice cream at the back of the freezer, so that no one can see it.

Except I know where it is …

The sweetness of success

I wrote a few weeks ago about giving up sugar. It wasn’t as hard as I thought, though that said, I can’t say it has been entirely painless.

I have found that if I eat protein for breakfast, such as an egg, then I have a much easier day of being sugar free. If I eat healthy main meals then the snacking is not so tempting.

So far, I appear to have lost 2kgs without any other change to my diet, or any increase in exercise. It is a slow process, but at least something is happening.

If I can just shed 1 kg a month for the next 12 months, I will be well within my healthy weight range.

I  actually think  I feel better, and I have more energy. I haven’t been suffering from the mid afternoon slump that I usually experience.So far, I think I have gained more positives, than things I have missed out on.

There will always be another chocolate cake to eat. I don’t have to rush.