Living in a whirl


Social whirl, people, positively, a social whirl. One day going to a concert with Petite Fille and another, breakfast with the Ladies who Lunch [the Ladies Who Breakfasted?]; except this time we had a couple of guys with us.

Petite Fille is a musical little lady and so we attended the Lah Lah’s Big Live Band concert in Brisbane. The performers brought their instruments out to the theatre foyer afterwards to allow the children to meet them, and interact with the various instruments. Petite Fille loved the performance so much that when she met Lah Lah, who was sitting on the floor, that she gave her a neck hug!

Afterwards, we took in lunch at the State Library, a walk through the Bookshop there, a very important half hour taking in children’s play area within the State Library and a few minutes watching a children’s busker on the green at the Cultural Centre, before going home to collapse on the couch. Well, Grandma collapsed on the couch, I think it was the “all adults up and dancing” session during the concert that did me in; or maybe the fours thousand stairs between theatre, library and cultural centre car park! Maybe both.

Petite Fille, the two and half year old fashionista.

Petite Fille, the two and half year old fashionista.

Breakfast with the Ladies, long term friends, was filled with love and laughter. Food was just a very ordinary pub dining room breakfast, but it was all about the people really. That said, the coffee was dreadful, should have stayed with the tea!

One friend I hadn’t seen for a couple of years, and in the meantime she met a new partner, so it was lovely to meet him at last. She is 57 and he is 72 though, not that he appears “old”, but time has a way of cutting such relationships short. Then again, she has already suffered a stroke and we all know that there are no guarantees in life…

More of a worry is that he has had 4 exs, though! They met when Friend started cleaning his house after Ex No.4 exited. Lovely to see her so happy, as she suffered dreadfully after a very unexpected divorce some twenty years ago. I wish her well and that her happiness lasts forever.

Nice too, to forget for a few hours that the new school term starts on Tuesday. Nine week term, and the graduation of another group of year 12s. Then off to Perth to await the birth of Peppercorn! Yes, Christmas in Perth this year – I have never been away from home for Christmas, so it will be like living life on the wild side!



Country life : egg poachers and neighbours at the mail box

eggs in a basket

I am so excited.

I have a new egg poacher!

Mr FD can poach a fairly decent egg in a saucepan of boiling water with a dash of white vinegar, but the few times I tried, the egg was, well less than delectable.

In the past, we have owned several egg poachers, but they all had plastic cup inserts, which often cause multiple issues. The cup slipping and egg overflowing into the water so that the water would then boil over making an horrible mix of watery egg. The last set of egg cups may have melted when someone left the pan on the stove and forgot to  turn the stove off. That was a few years ago and so we have been egg poacherless since then.

I am Flamingo Dancer, and I have been frying my eggs. Not in fat or lard, but with a little vegetable oil spray, but fried none the less.

So, recently when I was purchasing a chef’s knife for D2 Son-in- law’s birthday (Peppercorn’s Daddy to be) I succumbed to the lure of the shiny new egg poachers and ordered one online.

It arrived while I was in the City and I had to drive to the post office to collect it. Oh Happy Day. To illustrate its importance, it had been packed in a delivery box about twice the size of the actual pan and the said box filled most of my car boot {trunk}.

I raced home with it, wanting to stroke its gleaming newness, but at the mailbox I was flagged down by the neighbouring lady who wanted to chat. I know, niceness. Niceness when I have a new thing!

These neighbours have lived beside us for two years, and while Mr FD and Son have spoken with them, I have somehow never had the honour. For those of long term readership, they are the neighbours who wanted us to chop down our trees to suit them!

Husband has recovered from his foot cancer, but is now so obese he cannot fit down their halls, or pass through their doorways, so they have built an obesity house, as I call it, on the other side of our Village. They will be moving out over the next month. I always seem to get to know neighbours as they move out…oh dear, how sad, not.

So there I am, knowing my new friend The Egg Poacher is waiting for me, and I have to stand and exchange life stories. Twenty minutes. I guess I got some vitamin D. She is lucky she didn’t get a stick list position.

back on earth

chanel suit 1

Hello my darling, little people! The Queen has returned!The sugar high is gradually decreasing.

Daughter2 left on her plane for the west with more than a few tears on both sides, laden with an extra suitcase weighed down with gifts. It was a “bring your favourite children’s book” baby shower, so Baby (or Peppercorn as it is known now) already has quite the library! The suitcase weighed in at 30.2 kgs!

Petite Fille had the joy of being loved by her extended family for a few days, and Daughter 1 and I experienced the after glow of pulling off The Baby Shower (in my not so humble opinion)!

Numerous cups of tea accompanied baby name suggestions. They have chosen not to find out the baby’s gender. While they have settled on a boy’s name, they are yet to agree on a girl’s name. It is so odd to hear the names of my aunts and great aunts that I considered “old fashioned” being suggested. As a teacher it is also hard to say you like some names when you have taught a string of children with that first name and they have all been horrors – like any boy’s name ending in “dyn”. Sorry, if you have a Braydyn or Jaydyn, but it is teacher truth.

Best moments :

  • Seeing Daughter2 laughingly surrounded by her girlfriends.
  • The moment I was making tea sandwiches, my sister was buttering pikelets and Mr Boy was crafting coffees in a corner of the kitchen while the party swirled around us.
  • Throwing a balloon back and forth with Petite Fille and hearing her declare “This is the best balloon game in the world!” At two and a half she is constructing complex sentences of seven or eight words. Of course there are more times when she just sits and yells NO! YUCKY!
  • My two daughters talking life and babies.
  • Petite Fille taking an afternoon nap with her arms wrapped around the Peppa Pig soft doll that may have arrived with Grandma Flamingo Dancer.
  • Mr Boy, PT’s daddy, reading Tiddalick the Frog and using a variety of animal character voices, to Petite Fille.

One morning, Petite Fille’s paternal Grandma invited us all out to morning tea, which was delightful. We wandered into a children’s gift store afterwards that was just amazing. Their mission is to have nothing that is plastic or requires a battery, and may I say they achieve it beautifully. I could have moved in and lived the rest of my life there!

Petite Fille walked out with an abacus from her other Granny (Granny FD had already purchased  books and a spunky new pair of blue sunglasses (a must in Australia’s climate) for PT). To her credit, PT asked for nothing, and touched nothing, merely walked around discovering the sights as well. She showed amazing retraint for a toddler – her grannies were less disciplined! How many weeks until Christmas?

slow living and a Walk in the Woods

walk in the woods

We spent the afternoon walking the Appalachian Trail with Bill Bryson (aka Robert Redford) on our second 2015 staycation “slow fun day”. My sister joined Mr FD and I for lunch at an Austrian restaurant in The City, and an afternoon at the movies to see “A Walk in the Woods”. Both events were superb.

Sister and I chose bauern grostel (beef, chicken, onions, bacon and kipfler potato crisply pan-fried) whist Mr FD enjoyed a schnitzel. Our meals were washed down with glasses of almdudler – Austrian herbal infused lemonade. Huge meals that Sister and I struggled to finish.

“Walk in the Woods” was the perfect movie for our day out. The right mix of humour, pathos, self-discovery, love and beautiful photography of gorgeous landscapes.

We were all on a little happiness high during the journey homeward – and planning our third 2015 “slow fun day” during the next school vacation.  

Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.
—  Jack Kerouac

What a difference a day makes


chasing innocence

As soon as I awoke I felt, well, rested. Does that make sense? A very quiet first day of vacation brought a degree of revival. I opened the patio door to allow Augie Dog out for his morning constitutional, while I made a lovely mug of tea. Then we retired back to the bedroom.

Mr FD is still sleeping in the spare room due to the difficulty of his nights, post operative. I am getting quite into the habit of sleeping alone, and I have to admit that I may just mourn it when he moves back in. The aristocracy were onto something there – I mean, it is just, so civilised. None of that, “now we all roll over and one falls out”; or “Who stole my blanket?” And if you have a sleepless night, your partner is not sentenced to one too.

I think Mr FD was up just about every hour on the hour until early morning, so Augie and I resolved (I did the resolving, he did the obeying, as it should be) that we would not wake him if possible. So, tea in hand I updated some social media.

Ten thirty and still no sign of Mr FD, so a check to see if he was still breathing (he was, obviously, or I would be writing an entirely different post… I think), before my tummy said “enough” and demanded breakfast.

earth music

Augie had toast and bacon; I feasted on avocado, bacon and egg on toast, with fresh tea. We breakfasted on the patio, and watched a couple of birds savour the bread treats I had thrown out for them.

Mr FD appeared just as Augie ate the last toast crust, I was benevolent and reopened the kitchen. Slow times.


moving right along…

James Eaton Whirligig

Gosh, people, where have I been? Up and down the highway back and forth to doctors, it seems.

Monday; to the City to visit my “old doctor” for a regular visit. I do visit a local doctor, but I just can’t form a real relationship, as yet, so I tend to return to my City Doctor from time to time. This was for regular scripts and a referral for a colonoscopy.

While there, it was decided to remove a mole low on the side of my neck and a few other skin issues related to my childhood spent in the Australian sun, but of course that couldn’t be achieved that day, so I had to return on Wednesday for that. The mole removal resulted in three stitches and it is just where every movement of my neck pulls on the wound. The driver’s seat belt also rubs right over it, something I didn’t realise until a few days later when Mr FD wasn’t chauffeuring me about the countryside, and I was solo in my car. Necessity being the mother of invention, I was therefore sighted driving down the highway with a cardigan rolled up and placed between neck and seatbelt! Viola.

I also had the “good fortune” to slot into a cancellation for a colonoscopy, on Friday 10th, which is still vacation time and so not needing a day off work, but we had to go back to the city for a preprep appointment and to collect my instructions for the days ahead. Things are moving along, shall we say. I have to take Movicol twice a day, start a low fibre diet from Monday, and then have the “explosive fun night” on Thursday. We have to present at the city hospital at 6.30 am Friday, meaning I have to rise at 3.30 to drink and do, before an hour’s drive to the city. Oh happy day!

Petite Fille and her Mummy came to visit for a few days as I was zipping up and down the road. One day, the local show (fair) was on, a shadow of what it was in my childhood, but Petite Fille enjoyed watching the dog show, the cows being prepared for judging, and the chickens. A man on a big red vintage tractor drove by and that topped our morning off. However, the best thing was the whirligig on a long stick that Grandma FD bought for Petite Fille. There was sheer joy on her face as she walked along with the whirligig spinning in the breeze. Priceless, as they say.

And please, do not say “there is a spotty dog” to Petite Fille, who will only reply that it is called a dalmatian. Get it right, Grandma! On the plus side, I just have to say the word “tough” and Petite Fille falls into giggles. I adore the mind of a 2 1/4 year old.

I actually followed them back to the city on Saturday, as it was Daugher1 and Mr Boy’s fifth wedding anniversary (yes, five years!) Mr Boy had asked me to babysit while he took his beloved to a fancy restaurant. It was quite the evening, where they sampled salmon, black ants and apple. Yes ants. Mr Boy stated his tasted like lemon, but D2 said the ants gave her move of a shock or zing in her mouth. They also feasted on duck egg, truffle and toast, which I had money on daughter selecting when Mr Boy shared the online menu with me. Daughter1 knew she was going out for dinner, but not which restaurant so it was a fine selection by Mr Boy.

Petite Fille and I feasted on kranksy sausage hotdogs at home, before retiring early. It was a full evening.

So week one of the holidays down! Body maintenance is the theme of the holidays. Stitches out Thursday also.

When outside and inside is all inside.

sleep pink

I simply can not quieten my mind.

No matter what I do, or what I tell myself; the whirling, twirling, tangle of thinking just keeps rolling through like a train that has zoomed nonstop through all stations.

I guess it is the hyper adrenalin residue of a term of teaching, but it just seems like a massive waste of limited vacation time. And that thought doesn’t help in anyway!

It would be tolerable if there was a attaching burst of energy, but there isn’t. I am exhausted.  I try to sleep, but the head is on busy business. Damn.

The Big Whatever is playing games with me, I just know it.